Carlson briefly in English

Carlson Ltd has grown into an important retail and wholesale company with annual sales of ca 100 million euros. Carlson`s business is based on good customer service, varied range and competitive prices. The goods on sale range from cast iron products to modern clothing. Direct importing and well-known brands secure Carlson`s competetive position.

The household good and gift department in Kuopio is regarded as one of the best in Finland. Other strong points of Carlson are its high degree of solvency, ownership of its premises, independence from large chains and a very highly trained personnel.

Today, Carlson is the largest department store chain in the Finnish Lakeland. Carlson belongs to retail group of Veljekset Halonen Oy, which is a family-owned chain of several fashion department stores around Finland. The annual sales of Halonen group are ca 150 million euro and it has over 900 employees.

Contacts of the Management you can find on here and contacts of Purchasing Department  here .